Lifetime Anne Arundel County Resident

Graduate of Glen Burnie High School

Frederick Community College Aviation Graduate

Teterboro School of Aeronautics Graduate

Professional Ice Carver, Two Silver Medals

Lead Inspection Business

Culinary Institute of America Graduate

Wholesale Meat Business (Chesapeake Foods)

Property Manager 

NRA Member 

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John Grasso is a moderate Republican handling all issues equally and fairly. John Grasso has passed nearly every piece of legislation bipartisan with a 7-0 vote. 

John Grasso believes everyone must be brought to the table for a powerful and successful Anne Arundel County.


John Grasso with former County Executive and Director of Public Works.

John Grasso lobbied for a $13 million dollar storm water restoration project.

(Glen Gardens)


  • Passed legislation freezing the number of speed cameras.

  • Passed legislation saving Anne Arundel County tens of thousands in theft.

  • Passed legislation requiring 10 years of employment instead of 8 years employment to be vested saving millions in future retirement payout.

  • Passed legislation allowing small businesses to operate in a nonconforming status 1 day and continuous after the 20th year.

  • Passed legislation requiring failed septic system within 100 feet of public sewer must be connected.

  • Passed legislation reducing class room sizes, (AKA 95%).

  • Passed legislation revitalizing our older communities (Revitalization Bill)

  • Passed legislation protecting our family pets.

  • Passed legislation requiring shelter, bedding, food, etc for outside animals.

  • Passed legislation protecting feral cats from euthanasia.

  • Passed legislation freezing property taxes on senior citizens with fixed income

  • Passed legislation putting terms limits on Board of Appeals


  • We must defend our parents rights to raise their children as they see fit.

  • We must identify a way to reduce the size of government and increase productivity.

  • We must idolize our police and first responders who keep us safe by increasing manpower and pay.

  • We must stop the mask mandate for citizens and businesses. 

  • We will identify people that are seat warmers, and focus on change to move Anne Arundel County forward.

  • We will focus on cleaning up the trash in AA county by utilizing temporary visitors of our detention centers (prisoners) and

  • Increase fine for littering in AA County.

  • We must get overdevelopment under control by strengthening our "Adequate Facility" laws and stop developers from using special exceptions to increase development.

  • We must continue our effort to reduce classroom sizes through "Adequate Facility" laws.

  • We need to identify and approve programs to help our military veterans.

  • We must identify and improve animal control issues in AA County.

  • We must improve IT infrastructure and development.

  • We must protect our seniors from losing their homes as a result of property tax increases.

  • We must block all tax increases and implement cost saving measures.


Famous Grasso Quotes:

1: You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.

2: Some people need a checkup from the neck up.

3: When both opposing parties walk away mad, you know it was a fair deal.

4: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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