Passed legislation to freeze property taxes for seniors on fixed income levels

Passed legislation protecting family pets and farm animals (AKA ChumChums)

Passed legislation revitalizing old communities (AKA Revitalization Bill)

Passed legislation protecting small businesses from government takeover (AKA 20 Year Bill)

Passed legislation putting term limits on the board of appeals

Fought against business shutdown caused by COVID

Made Marley and Furnace Creek swimmable again through the Fountain Project (personally funded, $35,000)

Donated his Councilman's salary back to the people of AA County & Charitable Organization ($100,000+)

Passed legislation which saved AA County tens of thousands of dollars in theft of recycling items and unauthorized personal working for other counties

Fought to stop overdevelopment in Anne Arundel County

Took on Anne Arundel County Liquor board for disingenuous activities against small businesses

Took on Superintendant of public schools for unfair salary practices

Passed legislation for the storm water restoration fund saving $108,000,000 dollars in fines from federal and state mandates

Supported Police, Fire and Veteran Institutions

Had Police Cadet Program re-established

Entertained our seniors with the accordion at the Pascal Center and Other Institutions

Created pride with the first bottled Artisan water in Anne Arundel County under the label "Pure" (personally funded) 

Supported the first new boat ramp in Fort Smallwood Park and many other capital projects


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Kathrynn Mangum, Treasurer